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Correct sizing of air conditioners is very important - too big is just as bad a too small.  Use size chart for estimation or refer to Access air for the correct selection of air conditioning system.


Indoor units are to be mounted on an external wall.  Outdoor units must be located outside for hot air to discharge.  The condenser can not be boxed in as ventilation to unit is necessary.


All split air conditioning systems up to 10.5 kW require 240 volt, single phase power.  Units 5.2 kW and above require a separate circuit from the electrical board, still only 240V single phase.

Running Costs

Estimated average running cost of a split air conditioning unit, are as follows:-
Small unit 10 cents per hour
Medium unit 20 cents per hour
Large unit 35 cents per hour

Multi split air conditioning systems

These refer to one outdoor unit (condenser) with two or more indoor units (fancoil).  These are designed for high density buildings i.e. townhouses and apartments with limited outdoor area. One indoor to one outdoor air conditioning unit is usually more suitable for most applications..


Inverter stands for closer control on temperature and has a saving on the running costs of the unit.  This is achieved by a variable speed compressor.

Remote Control

All units have a remote control with a timer, sleep modes and humidity control.  These are battery operated.


All units have filters supplied in the indoor unit.  Check brochures as to whether the manufacturer supplies additional filters.


The indoor unit absorbs moisture out of the atmosphere on the cooling mode and the outdoor unit drains water on the heating mode.  During installation a drain is run from the indoor unit through the outdoor unit and into the nearest down pipe, drain or garden bed.


All split air conditioning systems sold have a five-year manufacturer’s warranty if installed to specifications by licensed refrigeration technicians.  Once unit is installed an annual maintenance program is available and recommended by the manufacturer to ensure unit works to its full capacity for the life of the system.

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